Lots of memories coming back to Edmonton. I finished my degree in Film Studies at UofA. Big thanks to Travis at Yellowhead Brewing who arranged for us to shoot our interviews at the Edmonton Brewing and Malting building on Rosedale St. Built in 1905 it has amazing character. 

First up was Mel Priestley who informed us about early prohibition and Alberta's strange laws on liqour. Next up Jason Foster, beer educator and boy did we get to cover some ground. Most amazing thing I learned was about the new rules that came down from the NDP that favour local beer! Check out Jason's article on it here. Can't believe it, and because it happened yesterday, it still qualifies as beer history ;) 

 The revolution is about to begin, and this documentary just got more interesting. 


We ended our day with a trip down memory lane. Jason had a beer tasting at The sugar bowl. I can't believe I've been gone this long. I remember you as a coffee shop and great place for a date. Now, you boast the largest selection of bottled beer in the city. Amazing. This little place has been open since 1964 and is still open because it changes with the times.