Join us for the launch of Aleberta: Our Beer History. A three part documentary series exploring the epic and storied history that is Alberta unique beer history.

Episode One: Beer Pioneers 1884 - 1985

Alberta's first chapter in it's beer history began in 1884 in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The province experienced periods of  massive growth and succession in beer culture, centred around the prohibition era. From the creation of the "Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth," to Segregated Drinking in the late 1960s, episode one looks at who survived,  who withdrew, and who paved the way for Alberta's next beer boom.

Episode Two: Rise of Craft 1986 - 2013

Big Rock Brewery established itself as a true craft brewery in 1985. Episode two looks at the point where we begin to see why Alberta's beer scene became nearly stagnant, and why a push towards updating legislation, the 1988 Winter Olympics, and importing product into California, all played a role in shaping what we have today. 

Episode Three: Micro-Explosion 2014 - Onward

The rules were re-written, and the game changed. Episode three looks at the community, the culture, and the recognition of a Province in the midst of a third-wave of brewery expansion.

6:30PM Doors open at - Come early to chat with brewers and drink with us before the festivities.

7:00PM Screening starts, followed by Q&A with director Spencer Estabrooks

8:30PM Join us for an afterparty in the basement of National Beer hall on 10th Ave. Casks provided by Wild Rose and Tool Shed.